The All But My Life Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter Gerda Weissmann is a fifteen-year old girl who lives with her . The girls are taken to a hospital and it is there where Gerda meets Kurt Klein who asks her to. Read a free sample or buy All But My Life by Gerda Weissmann Klein. You can read this book with iBooks on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. All but My Life tells the haunting story of Gerda Weissman Klein’s experience under the Nazi regime. Taken from her home in Bielitz, Poland, and.

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Our heart weissnann out to them and stays with them. Feb 28, Rachel rated it it was amazing. Abek fell in love with Gerda which is a big inconvience ilein a convience for her. I picked it up again, though, and the “happy” ending was a reprieve. It introduces them to last century’s terrible history of devastation and prejudice, yet offers them hope that the effects of hatred can be overcome.

It moved along and kept my attention. I have been lucky enough to know her, learn from her and be loved by her.

She didn’t know why because she was closer to her Maker at this point than ever. Like a puppet a conductor lifted a little red flag. During the winter of ny, she began a march from a labor camp in Germany to Czechoslovakia.


I met Gerda Weissmann Klein about four years ago, when she spoke at sll local community center. Wonderful book from a wonderfully strong woman. I would defintely recommend this to people who like to read books about history. And perhaps its greatest triumph is that it brings back to life bjt celebrates the humanity of every individual who was close to Gerda, especially her mother and father, her older brother and her closest companion in the camps, a girl called Ilse.

What lies dormant in us? There he stood, already beyond my reach, my father, the center of my life, just labeled JEW. With Kurt Klein’s love and support the two were married inshe creates from that life a remarkable testimony to the power of love and the magnificence of the human spirit.

The others remained prisoners in their own house for six months- a poignant six months- before they were torn apart. Here are a few of my favorite quotes: The family’s downward spiral continues when they must leave their home for the ghetto.

ALL BUT MY LIFE by Gerda Weissmann Klein | Kirkus Reviews

By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Nut. Sep 27, Wendy rated it really liked it.

Jun 02, Kelli rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: View all 5 comments. And, when a person feels shaky about new leadership or an unusual direction being taken within their community, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to read a Holocaust memoir.


In the end all she has left are the precious photos of her family, hidden for three years in her ski boot, and her life. The circumstances of each story may be similar, but e “You are lucky mother. She mentions more than once how fortunate she was not to have been sterilized.

Jun 04, Jennifer rated it really liked it. I think, though, that it is because I experience my life – my comfortable, easy life – so much more richly when I see how others have suffered and survived.


Just as Gerda now uses these memories to appreciate all she has now, I want to remember and appreciate all that I have bit well. One of my favorites was: She describes them as ‘little matchstick girls’drawing on the old fairy tale about the little girl that died in the cold.

Who weissmannn kill a child? Although stripped of the essence of life, they were able to survive the barbarity of their captors. They share the hope that Gerda’s brother Artur will return from a forced labor camp and they will be reunited as a family.