The list of Aricent placement papers and interview questions with answers for your next interview and aptitude written test. Enhance your skill and understanding of attempting Aricent Technical Placement Papers and mock tests and secure better career and job opportunities. Attempt. Download the Aricent Placement Papers PDF and prepare for making Revise questions and answers along with solutions to further improve.

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The following is an illustration of input and rearrangement: Then you are at right place to check the latest and previous Aricent Model Papers.

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Apples, Grapes, Bananas D. What will be the step II for the following input? Therefore, exactly robin fits into 4th combination. Both the statements, if true, are valid and strong arguments. I is strong on the basis of constitutional provisions.

Walk into any supermarket or pharmacy and you will find several shelves of products designed to protect adults and children from the sun. Children who do physical exercise show better academic performance than the ones who do not.

A word and number arrangement machine when given an input line of words and numbers rearranges them following a particular rule in each step. Each letter of the aith group occupies the same position from the beginning of the alphabet as the corresponding letter of the second group occupies from the end of the alphabet.


Find the next letter series? If more than two words can be formed, mark the answer as V. Revise questions and answers along with solutions to further improve your Aricent Aptitude Test scores. Transfer, Transform, Transplant, Transport, Trickery 7.

Apples, Cherries, Grapes C. There is only one difference between dream and aim. However, from statement B alone we do not know if m is divisible by 3. Even for the most able sportsperson, physical exercise is an essential part of practice session. Basu bought two scooters.

Why is Rahim unable to draw the square? Clark uses cherries and grapes but Flure uses only one of them. Now, if we combine the two statements, we know that Pipe A take 40 hours to fill the cistern. Two boys are playing a one-on-one game of basketball and are arguing over the last basket scored. A and C Answer: A girl is sitting glumly on a bench reading a book and not interacting with her peers.

From both statements individually. Yes, this is the only way to build a strong and powerful nation. Aptitude – General Contributed By Ravi.

Erica is neither Clark nor Flure. The average weight of a class of students is 45 kg. Since the number is divisible by 9, the sum of its digits is divisible by 9. Hence, option B Register Now to benefit from our unlimited fresher focussed services! Budding singers, classical musicians, instrumentalists, amateur singers all get together and share music. Hence, c supports the opinion. What is the value of X, if X and Y are two distinct integers and their product is 30?


We have to find a statement which supports the opinion that exercise leads to better efficiency. Rahim is unable to draw the square. B Apart from writing ….

Aricent Placement Papers

You prove something to someone. The steps are repeated alternately till all the numbers get arranged in ascending order and that will be that papefs step for that particular input.

Yes, this will help students improve their mental ability. The length of OM is twice that of OL. Statement B is insufficient to answer the question. The trains took 9 seconds to cross each other. From statement B we know that m is divisibly by 4. PRISM is a specially-designed technical and behavioral program designed to give new graduates the skills they need to take on live projects.

Are you searching for Aricent Placement Papers? Select the odd one out A. If the team is supposed to win three-fourths of these, it has to win Which one of the following is not a prime number?

Walk a bit faster. The left over is 3rd combination and therefore Stacy fits there. Thus statement A is sufficient to get the answer. T comes after P.