DIN EN Steel static storage systems – Application and maintenance of storage equipment. Buy DIN EN () Steel Static Storage Systems – Adjustable Pallet Racking – Guideline For Safe Use from SAI Global. Racking Inspection – DIN EN Regular inspections for warehouse equipment to EU standard. The standard DIN EN “Application and maintenance of.

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The inspection is carried out systematically on the basis of a standardised inspection protocol. Examples from other Dim countries, such as Great Britain or the Netherlands, where such inspections have been taking place for many years, show that safety has increased while repair costs have been saved. Service 6-point service Cost-effective Waste Manage Channel Storage Racking Sys The inspection is carried out during ongoing operation.

Racking Inspection – DIN EN – SSI SCHAEFER

You would like us to carry out a racking inspection on your installation? Subscription pricing is determined by: The BetrSichV applies to the provision of shelves by the employer as well as to the use of shelves by the employees.

Mobile Shelving Kanban Shelving for Product You may delete a document from your Alert Profile at any time. For a qualified inspection, rin is imperative that the inspector has access to the structural racking analysis.


The results are logged accordingly and the warehouse is assigned an inspection plaque. The fn inspections we provide support your efforts to follow industrial safety regulations for the sake of your company, thus increasing the safety at work and preventing injury to persons as well as material damage.

The German Association of Storage and Associated Equipment Manufacturers and its members compiled a checklist to ensure optimal racking and shelving inspection. The components must be identified accordingly and checked during the following inspection.

Your Alert Profile lists the documents that will be monitored. By utilizing the Schaefer Rack inspection program, we minimize the risks caused by damaged storage equipment.

However, immediate action is not required. You can download and open this file to your own computer but DRM prevents opening this file on another computer, including a networked server. The racking and shelving inspection has taken place. From racking and shelving inspection to their repair.

From racking and shelving inspection to their repair

Damaged rack columns must be replaced. Certified racking and shelving inspectors. Amber risk Hazardous damage requiring action as soon as possible. We have no document history for this standard. Original parts must be used to avoid risks during repairs of racks and shelves and protect those carrying out the repairs.

In order to provide you with an offer for the rack inspection, we need information about the running meters and the kind of racking system concerned. Heavy Duty Cantilever Racki Paragraph 10 of the BetrSichV requires regular inspections of storage equipment. Plastic and Steel Transport In order to affect your operational procedures as less as possible by our services we are highly flexible.


Self-supporting mezzanines Racking-supported mezzanine Bespoke packaging QX series: According to the Ordinance on industrial safety and health, the employer is responsible for the safety of storage equipment.

Operators must be trained to report all damage.

Please ask your quotation via our contact form. Certified racking and shelving inspectors have the necessary specialist knowledge.

Racking Inspection – DIN EN 15635

As the voice of the U. The damage has no influence on the load capacity stated on the nameplate. If a damaged component has been relieved, repairs must only be carried out before it is loaded again.

Dun conveyor Roller container conveying This standard covers operational aspects relevant to structural safety of storage systems. Bulging or other similar methods usually make the damage worse. Racking and shelving systems subject to inspection.