Absurdistan: A Novel [Gary Shteyngart] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “ Absurdistan is not just a hilarious novel, but a record of a. ABSURDISTAN. From the critically acclaimed, bestselling author of The Russian Debutante’s Handbook comes the uproarious and poignant story of one very fat. ABSURDISTAN. By Gary Shteyngart. pp. Random House. $ Why praise it first? Just quote from it — at random. Just unbutton its shirt.

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It would make more sense to have sex with their teacher and buy her a refrigerator.

Absurd person singular

Oct 25, Daniel rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Of gold-digging relatives shteynbart his father’s funeral, he tells us: However, these elements in the novel were absuddistan slightly more than an afterthought and weren’t dealt with in a comprehensive way. The corpulently fat, incredibly wealthy protagonist, Misha Vainberg, who narrates, is a post-Soviet Russian Jew, son of the 1,th richest man in Russia. Everybody in this book sucks. One of Misha’s misguided projects is “Misha’s Children”, basically throwing money at as many hopeless orphans as he can find, including a group he sees waiting to cross the road in St Petersburg: Misha’s reaction is shockingly violent and Shteyngart sucker-punches us with a perfectly timed reminder that, laugh though we may, the world is really like this, breaking into pieces, running out of resources, and that now that there is nothing left to pillage, shteyngadt have no choice but to eat ourselves.

So, yes, Absurdistan is well written and absrdistan funny. More By and About This Author. The ruling class of Absurdistan is in love with the corrupt American company Halliburton, which is helping the rulers in a civil war in order to defraud the U.

It’s also a love story. I will say this, though — I love to read about food, and the gourmand on these pages consumed some awfully disgusting stuff with unimaginable gusto. Not even brand-new Belgians can leave the country. May 29, Steve rated it it was ok. This is a satire, an irrepressible, fiery and hilarious one, but it’s also surprisingly sensuous.


Populated by curvaceous brown-eyed beauties, circumcision-happy Hasidic Jews, abssurdistan loyal manservant who never stops serving, and scheming oil execs from a certain American company whose name rhymes with Malliburton, Absurdistan is a strange, oddly true-to-life look at how we live now, from a writer who should know.

Born in what was then the Soviet Union, Shteyngart came to the United States with his parents in at age 7. Its topical, hip, in-your-face, and even includes some self-deprecation in the form of a character who is a stand-in for the author.


Discover what to read next. Bits with Brooklyn fling quite comical; most other sgteyngart too heavy-handed to be laughable. That Absurtistan has managed to attract widespread praise across the literary world is cause for dismay and a sure signal we have reached a low ebb in contemporary literature.

Petersburg are beating him up and he’s so impervious to their punches because of how drunk and large he is that he just continues telling them the story of his life to them until they all wear themselves absurdishan and all collapse in a heap at the gate then brushing you up against some ugly and awful scenes. I can see how people would be impressed with this book though, since Shteyngart can emulate all of the writing styles of every single polular Russian writer of the past two centuries.

It’s late summer, and the book finds Vainberg trying desperately to get back to NYC, to his South Bronx girlfriend. Shteyngart is one of Granta’s gady Best Young American Novelists and yes, now published by Granta Books, but more than good enough to evade any shteyjgart of favouritism. So much of this book is taken up with gross descriptions.


I will say this, though — I love to read about food, and the gourmand on these page This is laugh-out-loud hilarious, by which I mean that it literally caused me to guffaw audibly in public. To ask other readers questions about Absurdistanplease sign up. If you have any standards of decency, stay away from this book. Aug 05, Dorothy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: But he’s stuck in St. Gar then there is abrupt, visceral, depressing violence as well.


Violence is somehow made funny in the way Vainberg hits his endlessly loyal servant, although it really should not be.

US immigration won’t let in the son of a murderer, so Misha – “an American cruelly trapped in a foreigner’s body” – is stuck waiting for the impasse to end. I think my guilt over not reading it before now made me persevere.

Absurdistan (novel) – Wikipedia

For those I can see that Shteyngart has or absurdiwtan have some real talent, were it not for his own ego. Gary Shteyngarts’s Absurdistan is very clever, and has some very funny moments.

Aug 01, Jeffrey rated it it was amazing. Absurdistan is a few different novels at once. This is what could have been a great satirical novel. It was not funny and the self-absorption of the main character, Misha, was tiresome to say the least. I think perhaps their reviewers need to read better books. If anyone here read my review on “The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed out of his Window” or something along those abusrdistan, I haven’t checked the title of that work in a long timeyou will know that I am definitely not a big fan of absurd literature in its most a When I began reading this book, I was very skeptical with absurdistaan to how much I was going to like it.

However, this novel focused on detailed descriptions of fat person sex and eating. Overall an entertaining and well done novel with humor reminiscent of A Confederacy of Dunces, and a statement about the immigrant experience that seems deeply felt and genuine.

Even as a character who’s clearly meant to be a satirical construct, he’s entirely unconvincing. Every character is kind of slimy or sluggish or immoral or gluttonous or, most often, all of the above. Haunted by his bygone days as an American college student, he frequently recalls attending “Accidental College” aka Oberlin where he studied Multiculturalism.