Airport Directory – Plates – HECA – CAIRO INTL | RocketRoute HECA INSTRUMENT APPROACH CHART-ICAO RNP RWY 05R · HECA INSTRUMENT . ILS RWY 05C CAT II ILS RWY 05C A. RNP RWY 05C VOR RWY 05C Runway 05L. ILS OR LOC RWY 05L RNP RWY 05L 7. Jan. Licensed to Cipher. Printed on 18 Jan Notice: After 28 Jan Z, this chart may no longer be valid. Disc J E P P E S E N.

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This is what exactly happens in this case – the localizer is captured, but the plane is above the glide slope already and only fast manual descend can capture it, which is not so easy.

Summarizing all the above, I feel that following hecs be concluded: Results 1 to 5 of 5. Tired of visiting cities? Thank you in advance! Is this something related to imperfection of the charts, navigation computer or simply a way of interpretation for simplifying the software? We’ll be waiting for you! Please note that you will need to register to use many of the site’s best features, including downloading files and posting messages. In other words, the plane comes at an angle of app.

All this is very good to be true, as every theory from hcarts sort. I just flew the procedure with the latest beta. With this program you can also create your own plates for any airport and then it will place you in your favorite FS aircraft at whatever point and altitude you specify from the plate to try the approach out.


The time now is Book your flight for the upcoming event Cologne-Cairo shuttle from the link below: There is nothing wrong with published charts, but with their interpretation by the FMC. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Take advantage of our ATC services and experience a busy airspace. I have to state in advance, that such subject is not in charys.

Airport Directory – Plates – HECA – CAIRO INTL | RocketRoute

Hi Frank, Thank you for the answer. It is easier to illustrate this with figures: Let me make some notes also. Here the final approach and GP has to be started in order to reach the runway safely and as per the applicable procedure. The why and the what can be done are easy. Hope my thoughts in the previous post were clear enough. Let us know how that works out.

For the latest pilot briefings, aerodrome charts and sceneries, visit http: No idea how the real A does it:. Something else comes to my mind while writing this and I will definitely try it.

IFR Terminal Charts for Cairo (HECA) (Jeppesen HECA)

Come along and give those candidates the challenge they need! Ueca of these two points CAI05 and ITT55 are on one line and there might be time for accepting the localizer first and glide slope after that. If they fix it it will be in the professional edition not V1. Summarizing all the above, I feel that following can be concluded:. There is a right turn on heading 90 deg till pointwhich is OK also, but up to here.


Here’s a quick summary: So the good news is that the Prof version charhs fly it but the old v1. The entire idea is that the actual chart is different from the actual computer interpretation and such “trick” may help. Tried several times after Frank gave me his first advice, but unfortunately could not manage without changing the path.

However, I am happy with what we discussed above and strongly feel that it was a good “brain exercise”.


Let me start with the chart first: Thank you for the answer. Already have an account? I think I had seen something similar in some of the aviation videos also. If you have questions about these changes, feel free to contact us at privacy[at] vatsim. What else can you do? Light Up the Middle East.