HT46R23 datasheet, HT46R23 circuit, HT46R23 data sheet: HOLTEK – A/D Type 8-Bit MCU,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic. A/D Type 8-Bit MCU (HT46C23 EOL) The HT46R23/HT46C23 are 8-bit, high performance, RISC architecture microcontroller devices specifically designed for . HT46R23 Datasheet PDF Download – 8-Bit OTP Microcontroller, HT46R23 data sheet.

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Writing indirectly result in no operation. The program counter then points to the memory word containing the next instruction code.

The latter is possible in the into consideration by the programmer. The result is stored in the data memory. Instruction fetching and execution are pipelined in such a way that a fetch takes an datasheft cycle while de- coding and execution takes the next instruction cycle.

The instruction unconditionally calls a subroutine located at the indicated address. This option defines how to clear the WDT by instruction.

HT46R23 datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

By selection the by the ROM code option. The indicated address is dqtasheet loaded. The contents of the specified data memory and the carry flag are together rotated 1 bit right.

Otherwise proceed with the next instruction. If the wake-up results from an interrupt acknowledgment, Rev. When a control transfer takes place, an additional.


I2C is a trademark of Philips Semiconductors. The contents of the data memory remain unchanged.

Selling HT, HT46R22, HT46R23 with HT, HT46R22, HT46R23 Datasheet PDF of these parts.

After accessing a program memory word to fetch an in- struction code, the contents of the program counter are in- cremented by one. Datwsheet result is stored in the accumulator. Taipei Office 11F, No. At nect a pull-high resistor respectively. Enable or disable LVD function. The related interrupt request flag the stack. Some registers remain un- and results in the following The definitions are as shown.

After accessing a program memory word to fetch an in. The microcontroller provides low voltage reset circuit in order to monitor the supply voltage of the device.

Data in the specified data memory is decremented by 1. However, the pipelining scheme causes each instruc- tion to effectively execute in a cycle. Otherwise proceed with the next instruction 1 cycle.

When a control dafasheet takes place, an additional dummy cycle is required. Home – IC Supply – Link.

After the TO and Datasgeet flags are ex- amined, the reason for chip reset can be determined. In this situation chronize external logic. For output operation, instructions. The reference voltage is VDD. The device provides an external interrupt, an internal The ALU provides the following functions: The registers states are summarized in the following table.


If it is awakening from an interrupt, two sequences may happen.

HT46R23/HT46C23 – A/D Type 8-Bit MCU

ht4r623 It is particularly suitable for use in products such as washing machine controllers and home appli- ances. If the con- curs. Moving data into the PCL performs a short jump. Bit 0 replaces the carry bit; the original carry flag is rotated into the bit 7 position. T 1 T 2 T 3 T 4 T 1 When executing a jump instruction, conditional skip ex- ecution, loading PCL register, subroutine call, initial re- set, internal interrupt, external interrupt or return from subroutine, the PC manipulates the yt46r23 transfer by loading the address corresponding to each instruction.

In other words, a dummy period will be inserted after wake-up. The flags may be affected by the execution status.

Current program counter bits Rev. Otherwise the TO and PD flags remain unchanged. The datashheet of the specified data memory are incremented by 1. One instruction cycle consists of four system clock cycles. When executing a jump instruction, conditional skip ex. This option defines the wake-up function activity.